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  • Cinque Terre wine 70,00

    – Qt. 1 Ofio Rosa IGT Rosé Wine – Litan 75cl
    – Qt. 1 Red Wine – Campogrande 75cl
    – Qt. 1 White Wine Cinque Terre – Capellini Casata dei Beghee 75cl

    Wineries, Italy, Liguria, La Spezia, Volatrsa, Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Albarola, Bosco, Vermentino, Appetizers, Appetizers, White meats, meat, Cheeses, Cheese, blue cheeses, savory pies, quiche , Vegetables, Vegetables Wines, first courses, first courses, second courses, second courses, meat, red meats, fish, fish, crustaceans, raw fish

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    Ligurian composition, Pesto with and without garlic, Sassarini Cinque Terre wine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Limoncino with skins, Birrificio del golfo beer
    Liguria – our compositions 60,00

    – Qt. 1 BEER 33cl Anciua Tipo Kolsch Birrificio del Golfo
    – Qt. 1 EVO OIL 25cl The flavors of the Ark
    – Qt. 1 LIMONCINO 20cl Sangallo Distillery
    – Qt. 1 LEMON 20cl with lemon peels, Sangallo Distillery
    – Qt. 2 Pesto x 180g Traditional Ligurian Flavors (with and without garlic)
    – Qt. 1 WHITE WINE Cinque Terre DOC Sassarini 37,5cl

    Italpesto, Italy, Liguria, Castelnuovo Magra, Genoa, basic, with garlic, without garlic, pasta, condiments, condiments, sauces, gravy, Pesto Genovese – The flavors of the Ligurian tradition, Sangallo Distillery, Italy , Liguria, Cogorno, Genoa, La Spezia, Monterosso al Mare, San Salvatore, Cinque Terre, end of meal, digestive, liqueurs, limoncino liqueur, peels – Distillery Cinque Terre Sangallo,

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  • Nightlife – our compositions 90,00

    – Qt. 4 x 20cl Mediterranean Tonic (tonic water) Fever-Tree
    – Qt. 1 Dry Gin Cinque Terre
    – Qt. 2 Cinque Terre glass glasses

    Italy, Liguria, La Spezia

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